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Steve Dittmar

Software Engineer by day,
Amateur Astrophotographer by night

Unquenchable curiosity

I have more hobbies than I have time for, driven by my technical curiosity to understand everything and learn more.  Add to that the personal satisfaction I get from creating things and it explains why I like listening to music and playing the electric bass guitar, taking pictures and using Photoshop, assembling models and engineering custom solutions.

Career Highlights

zWAS Experience 1
Professional Experience

WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

L2 Customer Support Engineer

- WAS on z/OS and auxiliary products (IHS, WCT, IM, etc.)
- Defect analysis & isolation
- Install, Migration, and Configuration support
- High severity issue management

L3 Defect Support Engineer

- Component level defect determination and resolution for z/OS specific areas of Security and Runtime
- Iterim fix creation

Feature Development

Implemented new features for the zSecurity and zRuntime components
- SMF 120 Subtype 9 records
- "Security out of the box"

zWAS Experience 1
zWAS Experience 2
Professional Experience

WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Interim Fix Engineer

Coordinated code from L3, built, install tested, and delivered all zWAS interim fix packages (++APARs)

Fix Pack Engineer

Built, install tested, and delivered fix pack PTFs for zWAS v5 and v6.1

Customer Advocacy

- Participate in recurring meetings to discuss customer's future plans
- Advise for known defect/issues
- Act as point of contact for issues with time to resolution, etc in problem records
- Assist with general Q&A

zWAS Experience 2
Lead Inventor
US Patent 8,356,054
Management of Resources in a Host System
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